The Big Decision

It was the perfect storm.  The youngest of four is within months of finishing college (knock on wood).  As a freelance PR/Marketing consultant, I am getting more work downtown and my husband, Andy, works at Dell and is tired of the 28 mile commute and rising gas prices.  We owned 2700 square feet in Edmond with 5 bedrooms, a big yard, great neighbors and  a sometime fruitful veggie garden!   Why not sell the house and try urban living? 

I’m doing some consulting with Downtown Oklahoma City, Inc. to help with a variety of projects all focused on making downtown a great place to live, work, open a business, shop and be entertained!  So, why not get some “first-hand” experience and try out the “living” downtown piece.

I plan to blog about everything.  What sucks, what doesn’t suck? How do we choose where to live?  What are unexpected challenges and unexpected surprises!  What will we do on Saturday when we don’t have to get up and cut grass and clean 2700 sq. feet?  Can we still entertain friends and family?  What about parking, laundry, grocery shopping?  Can we find a way to garden in a sea of concrete?  Will we miss our neighbors and Edmond haunts?

Maybe you are considering a move and have questions. Please chime in! 

First step is picking the nest!


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