De-cluttering the nest….Converting trash to cash!

We are less than thirty days from lift off!  As we look through our 3000 sq feet of stuffed closets, over-flowing drawers and full attic, we have to ask ourselves…why are we saving all this sh*#?  Everything that doesn’t  fit into our new, very chic, 1200 Sq. Ft. downtown apartment will have to be stored in a very “un-chic” and expensive storage unit.  So, we went through one room at a time.  In each room, each item has to fit into one of three categories…1. Apartment bound, 2.  Garage Sale/donate  3. Storage Unit 

We quickly filled the garage with all the stuff  in category 2.   So, we put out some signs and opened our door to the world.  And, oh what an interesting world you meet when you host a Garage Sale!  Nothing in the sale was priced over $5 and we made over $600 in less than 3 hours!  Then we packed away all that was left and donated to Goodwill. 

We still have a large amount of stuff that didn’t make the cut for the apartment, but we weren’t ready to part with … just yet!  Baseball card collection, vinyl record collection, turkey collection, 3500 cookbooks, all the clothes that are going to fit great after we lose the 25 pounds we plan to lose, the exercise equipment that we bought to lose the 25 pounds … you see where I’m going? 

Bottom line…this process was very gratifying.  We turned things that were useless to us into cash,  we donated to a worthy cause and we protected our kids from having to deal with this after we’re gone.  All very rewarding.   But, simplifying our lives….priceless!

Mother Teresa said,  “The more you have, the more you are occupied.
The less you have, the more free you are.”

I agree.


3 responses to “De-cluttering the nest….Converting trash to cash!

  1. Where did you decide to move? We have been debating this for awhile but I keep saying I need to stay NW for my mom..

  2. We’re moving to The Legacy at the end of the month. Exciting!!

  3. I am enjoying this blog. Nice job Kathy. I admire yours and Andy’s courage and willingness to share your story. Can’t wait to read the next missives.

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