What would you do with an extra 34 minutes a day?

After 7 hours of hard work (by Two Fellas and a Truck) we are in our new downtown apartment.  We spent our first night there on Saturday and it felt kinda like staying in a nice hotel… we cranked the AC down as low as possible, ordered room service (Hobby’s Hoagies is in our complex and delivers!) then took a swim!

Come Sunday morning, the reality of unpacking 62 boxes was overwhelming.  Tuck and Jamila brought donuts and 4 extra hands.  By the end of the day we were done!  It’s amazing how much easier everything is when nothing is more than 5-10 feet away.  No running upstairs, no attics, no storage sheds!  It was exhilarating to be able to set up a complete home with everything we need all within 1200 sq. feet.  I don’t know about you, but we had TONS of stuff we didn’t really need.

Walked to work this morning!  Took me 5 minutes.  Andy’s commute has gone from 25 minutes to 8!  that’s an extra 34 minutes a day!

Stay tuned!  More to come…


2 responses to “What would you do with an extra 34 minutes a day?

  1. Love that we are in the same place in our lives. We just listed the house, next step is identifying areas. It looks like you are living in Las Vegas=shops, restaurants, pool, bars, cabana boy…you’ve got it all! We are doing garage sale this Sat… hoping for a quick sale too.

    • I can’t believe it either. I am so surprised by how many people our age are considering this move. The actual move was BRUTAL. I have not posted a blog in a few weeks because the final part of the move just about killed us! It was 105 degrees and we had to get the rest of our stuff (the stuff that didn’t make the cut to go to the apartment) into storage. My adivse…if you question whether you need to keep something DON”T KEEP IT! Select enough of your favorite things to fill a two bedroom apartment and sell everything else!! We hung on to so much because we are not sure if this is our final resting place and if we go back to a house, we want our stuff! In retrospect, not a wise decision!

      I tried to go to the link you sent me to look at your house, but it didn’t work. It took me to an apartment finder website! I wish you the best. Keep us posted on the blog, cuz I’m sure others will want to hear how things are going on your adventure!

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