Farewell 3804 Windover Dr.!

Since my last post, we have officially closed on the house, said our farewells to good ‘ol 3804 Windover Dr. , moved tons of remaining stuff (the stuff that didn’t make the cut to go to the apartment) to storage and settled into the apartment.

The kids came by to help us with the last leg of the move and we had one “last supper” on the dining room floor. We reminisced about the 12 years under this roof.  I learned more than I wanted to know about some “Firsts” that happened in that house.  If only walls could talk!

This final leg of the move was most definitely the most difficult.  Selecting the cream of the crop of our 2800 sq. feet of stuff and moving it to the apartment a few weeks ago was fun.  Going back and dealing with the rest was BRUTAL!  My recommendation – IF IT DOESN’T FIT, YOU MUST QUIT!  Quit trying to save everything!  I know it’s hard to get rid of stuff, but you will be glad you did!  I wish we had gotten rid of more!  We had to move everything that was left (attic, garage, shed, blah, blah, blah) into storage.  Maybe paying $130 each month to hold on to all this stuff will force us into those hard “let it go” decisions.

Before I close this post and move on to downtown only discussions, I wanted to give one final tribute to 3804 Windover.  She served us well.  She stood strong through hundreds of birthday parties, holidays and celebrations and back yard parties.  She produced beautiful green grass, flowers, veggies and trees.  She protected us from storms, gave us comfort from the heat and cold and never complained when we abused her by stuffing her attics and closets with our junk!  Thank you 3804 Windover Dr.  We will miss you!

Next post will be a video tour of the new place!


5 responses to “Farewell 3804 Windover Dr.!

  1. You forget to mention your great neighbors!!!

  2. You’re absolutely right. But last night proves that we can easily stay in touch. 🙂 We will miss all the great neighbors in Spring Hill. What an incredible neighborhood and perfect street to raise a family.

  3. You also forgot that you got married there. Helloooo!!!

  4. We will miss your amazing bed and breakfast! Hope we can see you both again soon!

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