A Midsummer’s Night Drink – By Avery Oden (guest blogger)

As a college student living at home for the summer, there
are three things on my mind: Gaining career experience, saving money, and
enjoying a night out.  During my time here in downtown Oklahoma City, I have been lucky enough to do all three (although the last two tend to conflict with each other).

Before I go on, it should be noted that I differ from a lot
of 20-somethings in a small but impactful way: I don’t enjoy clubbing. I vastly
prefer a night spent with some friends enjoying drinks on a deck or in a mellow
bar to a night spent shouting over the latest Ke$ha remix to a wobbly pair of
high heels filled by a blonde co-ed drunk on $10 cranberry vodkas.

So where does downtown Oklahoma City leave somebody like me?

From what I have experienced, there are at least three good
options. My personal favorite is Cafe do Brazil. They have an excellent roof
space and offer $8 pitchers of Choc until close. They often have some live
music out there as well – sometimes you can find out about it on their website
(which leaves much to be desired): http://www.cafedobrazilokc.com/bossa.html

Another place I really like is Tapwerks. Although there is
no outdoor space, their famous selection of beer makes up for it. Imports from
as far as India as well as locals from Coop are all available on tap. The choices are as endless as your tolerance for alcohol.

A third option is the rooftop of the Museum of Art on
Thursdays. Full bar, chips and salsa, and live music overlooking the Oklahoma
City Skyline. Guaranteed to be a nice time, but the prices probably won’t
be as friendly as they are at Cafe do Brazil.

So that’s my take on downtown Oklahoma City after living here for a
month and a half.  Places to find a good drink to help enjoy these hot evenings are many, but the prices can be expensive (to me), but happy hours are definately a good deal.   You just have to look for them.


2 responses to “A Midsummer’s Night Drink – By Avery Oden (guest blogger)

  1. Avery's Secret Drinking Partners

    “Avery! Let’s go get a drink!” – signed, everyone who works by your secret desk.

  2. Have you been to Picasso’s in the Paseo? Sounds like it might be another place you’d enjoy. Cheers!

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