Yes you can! Apartment entertaining with ease.

We love to entertain!  We often have large groups of friends or family over for dinner and frankly, we’ve been a little hesitant to try it in our new “much smaller” living quarters.  Is there enough space?  Where will our guests park?  Is it too much of a hassle?  Can I cook a big meal in a small kitchen?  Well, we did it!  We had nine people for dinner last weekend and things went great.

SET UP & SPACE– Everyone went for a swim while we had appetizers and drinks.  While they were swimming, I set up the buffet with dinner.  We can seat six at our table and the other three in the living room.  Maybe some little tray tables would have been nice, but nobody complained.

GUEST PARKING – Parking for our guests was not an issue at all!  On the weekends, meter and street parking is free and there is plenty of parking on the street outside the gate to our apartment.

OTHER OPTIONS FOR LARGER GROUPS –   We also have access to a beautiful club room in our complex for larger parties and gatherings free of charge.  Unfortunately, the club room does not have a kitchen.  Some of the complexes we looked at had beautiful club rooms with full kitchens that can be reserved for large groups.  Ours will work for a “non-cooking” event.  In fact, I’m thinking about hosting a bridal shower in our club room in the near future.

So, in conclusion,  we got our entertaining groove and party mojo back, so watch your mailbox for an invitation, soon.



One response to “Yes you can! Apartment entertaining with ease.

  1. I am looking forward to it!

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