Boom, Boom, Pow!

It’s the name of my favorite cupcake at Cuppies and Joe and the three words that came to me on Sunday when our apartment air conditioner went out.

BOOM –  4:00 PM Sunday -Came home to discover a very hot apartment and the AC on the fritz.

BOOM –  4:01 PM Sunday – Called the Legacy Apartment 24 hour emergency maintenance number.

POW – 4:10 PM Sunday – Maintenance man arrives and fixes the AC.

Pretty sure if this same thing had happened as home-owners, it would have involved a stay in a hotel, at least 1/2 of missed work waiting on repairman and probably several days pay.

I love cupcakes and free maintenance men … in that order.




One response to “Boom, Boom, Pow!

  1. I love that for you! 10 minutes vs. a week for me – and a whole lot of $$ But, I did get to go stay at Cindy’s.

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