“Fall”ing into Downtown!

Sorry for the time lapse since my last post.  I blame it on brain damage from the heat.  I lost my will to live!

Finally.  The smothering heat has lifted and I’m back!  We have dusted off our walking shoes and are finally willing to leave the comfort of our air conditioning.  We’re discovering downtown is a really cool place to be in the fall.  There have been tons of activities going on and more coming.

The H and 8th is a great  outdoor nightime food market just a few blocks from our place.  It takes place the last Friday of each month.  Kaisers does 1/2 price milk shakes M-F 5:30-7 PM.  It’s a great patio on a fall evening.  We’re not crazy about their food but their ice cream is still really good!  Cool Greens has opened a new location downtown.  I just wish they were open at night and on weekends.

I’ve finally resumed my walks.  In fact, today I took a long walk and actually took a break to listen to the “Occupy” protesters in Kerr Park.  Can’t do that in the burbs!  I really enjoy being able to take off on foot in any direction and be fairly entertained as I walk.  I walked the same 2 miles so many times in my neighborhood that I felt like a hamster on a wheel.

There’s so much to do downtown on the weekends, it’s hard to pick.   Here’s just a sample of the activities going on this weekend alone.   We have a choice of the Manifesto in Film Row,  A Music Festival in Deep Deuce, Festival on the Green at the NEW Myriad Gardens, ACM&UCO Zombie Walk Concert in Bricktown, the Susan G. Komen Walk For The Cure, and Taylor Swift is performing at the Chesapeake Arena.

Decisions, decisions.


One response to ““Fall”ing into Downtown!

  1. I love the idea of taking pictures along your walks, I bet you would have some entertaining stuff to share!

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