Chick Flick Click Comes Downtown

It’s a beautiful fall day in downtown OKC.  I invited my Chick Flick Click girlfriends downtown to see my apartment and go to a Hitchcock HD Movie at the Oklahoma Museum of Art.  Chick Flick Click (CFC) is a group of gals who get together once a month for dinner and a movie (the ones the guys don’t like to see).  We usually go to Quail Springs, so coming downtown was a bigdeparture.   I wasn’t sure if they would go for it, but they did!  I had nine girlfriends (and one visiting brother) for lunch and then a few of the brave ones joined me for FRENZY in HD.

They all managed to follow my directions, find free parking, and get through the security gate.  Parking downtown on Sunday is a piece of cake.

I made white chilli, corn bread, chocolate cobbler and peach cobbler.  It was yummy and everyone managed, even though my table only seats six.  We have a new, big sectional sofa and coffee table, but we all squeezed around the table.  This is a close group, and everyone likes to stick together!

After lunch, we walked across the street to the Oklahoma Museum of Art Theatre.  They have been showing Hitchcock in HD all week.  Very fun!


One response to “Chick Flick Click Comes Downtown

  1. Thank you soooo much for making the Oklahoma City Museum of Art a night out in downtown! What fun ladies!!!

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