Thanksgiving Holiday in an Apartment! Can it be done?

This is one of my favorite times of the year.  Andy is usually getting out his collection of over 400 turkeys and we find a spot for each and every one of them to join us for the holidays!

I start shopping, baking and cleaning the dusty guest rooms in preparation for our gang to all be together for Thanksgiving!  A typical Thanksgiving at our home usually means anywhere from 10-14 guests including all our kids, significant others, Andy’s folks and this year we are also excited to have Victor Evrard, our foreign exchange student from France who is currently in school in North Carolina.

But, a typical Thanksgiving is usually hosted in a 3000 sq. ft. home with 3 extra bedrooms, a large dining room, an extra refrigerator and plenty of space to sprawl for those afternoon naps!  So…the challenge is on!  I’ve had to get creative to figure out how to cook a Thanksgiving meal for 12 in my little apartment kitchen, find places for 6 out-of-towners to bed down each night, and find a way to enjoy this special time with each and every one of them without feeling like we are on top of each other!  I MISS MY HOUSE! But…I am determined to make this the BEST Thanksgiving, or at least the most memorable Thanksgiving yet!

Although the turkey collection is packed deep into our storage, I’m gonna try to make the apartment feel like Thanksgiving.  Certainly open for ideas on this one! We have one guest bedroom and one air mattress and one very comfy couch, so that will cover four of our guests.  Luckily, Tuck and Jamila have a beautiful home in OKC, so two of the six out-of-towners will be staying with them.  I have reserved our apartment club house for the BIG MEAL!  Although it does not have a kitchen, it does have a beautiful large conference room and table, a frig and sink and a giant screen TV.  So, we will cook and prepare everything in the apartment and haul it to the club house for the meal.  I thought about just having it catered, but I think having Thanksgiving in an apartment is a big enough S-T-R-E-T-C-H for all of us.  Not cooking the meal might put some of us over the edge!

I’ve planned a fun packed agenda for Friday and Saturday after Thanksgiving.  Tuck and Jamila are hosting a meal and we are all going out on Saturday night to celebrate all the birthdays!  In addition to Thanksgiving, Avery, Andy, Drew and my brother and sister all have birthdays during the week of Thanksgiving!  We plan to take advantage of all the wonderful activities going on downtown with Downtown in December.  We will continue our tradition of a family bowling tournament at Red Pen, go snow tubing, ice skating and will have a front row seat to the Devon Christmas Tree lighting in Bricktown on Friday evening!

So, stay tuned.  The verdict is still out as to whether a big Family Thanksgiving Holiday can work in a 1200 Sq. ft. apartment!  More to come…





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