The truth about Thanksgiving in an apartment!

We had all four of our kids, three significant others and Victor, our foreign exchange student from France, all here for four days. If you’re counting that’s 8 twenty-somethings and two old farts, and a 1200 sq. foot apartment!  In a nutshell … BEST THANKSGIVING EVER!  I think we would’ve had fun, even if we were in a one room shack!

Front: Andy, me, Drew, Carson, Jamila. Back: Avery, Allie, Victor and Tuck. (Avery's girlfriend, Angel, missed the photo.)

Four of them slept here in the apartment with us and four at Tuck and Jamila’s.  But, most of the time  everyone was here.

TRUTH: it was crowded but really fun.  No one complained about lack of space.  I had to keep cleaning to keep from being covered up with crap.  The guest room had NO floor space, as we had to put a twin mattress on the floor and the rest of the space was filled with luggage, clothes, etc.  Victor slept on the sofa all weekend, but was a great sport.

TRUTH:  I missed my extra refrigerator.  I had to make more trips to the grocery store as there is no way to store enough food for 10 people for 4 days in one frig.  We used ice chests on our back porch for beer and beverages.  That saved a ton of space.  Also had our turkey fried by Crabtown, which saved frig and oven space.  It was AWESOME!  Probably will do that every year.

TRUTH:  We LOVED being downtown.  Victor and I walked over to Park Harvey for Sushi when he arrives and before the rest of the gang got here.

Victor enjoying Downtown dining at Park Harvey Sushi

On Friday, we had a girls vs. boys bowling tournament at Red Pen Bowling Alley in Bricktown then walked to the Tapwerks to have a few beers, play pool and donate my camera to a thief.

Bowling at Red Pen. Girls Vs. Boys

A few of us walked over to see the Bricktown Tree turn its lights!  Some of our gang went Ice Skating at the Devon Ice Rink.  We didn’t make it to the Snow Tubes, but we still have Christmas break.  We also enjoyed the apartment Hot Tub on Friday night!

TRUTH:  We couldn’t have done it without the use of our Apartment Club House.   We had 13 for Thanksgiving Dinner and there is NO WAY we could have done it in the apartment.  Andy’s Mom brought half the food and we prepared the rest.  Our complex doesn’t usually allow people to use the Clubhouse while staff is not present, but they made a “special exception” for us!  Many complexes have nice big Club Houses available for residence to use anytime.  But our is a little limited.  It has a huge conference room table and a beautiful living room area.  The girls helped me decorate the table to make it festive feeling.



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